April Rain

Well back again with a not so optimistic spring look (yes this is a spring look in Glasgow). Its snowing right now which is just crazy I mean its April?! Oh well it could be worse and I have been embracing the weather going for walks and petting the wet cold dogs outside of tescos. Anyway lets get back onto the outfit.

This weekday jacket has been in my bookmarks for so long and now its on sale! I am so tempted to snatch it up but I feel like I will find a similar one in a vintage store for a fraction of the price so we shall just wait and see. I love the boxy shape and how it is almost like a tent when its on it just looks so warm!

Now I had never heard of Everlane before until yesterday and in my last post I mentioned that CK t-shirt but why would I want to spend £50 on something that was probably made in a sweat shop. But Everlane are a super affordable and transparent company when it comes to their clothing and their values. I definitely need to test out the tees but so far so good from what I’ve read.

Onto these trousers, now they look comfy. They are by Toteme which is a brand i’m not that familiar with but these have stolen my heart. They are everything I’ve ever dreamed of in a pair of trousers, a nice thick rib material with an elastic waist but not that cheap gathering of elastic at the back. They would be a great transitional piece for winter into spring and even great throughout summer and autumn. In fact I think they are the perfect year round trousers!

I thought the outfit was looking a bit dull and too neutral for my liking so I added in this Loewe bag, now I have no idea who can even afford these bags but they are amazing. I love the little elephant and rabbit ones. My favourite thing about this bag in particular is its a William Morris design and I adore his designs, I also love the little pop of that blood orange colour. I remember being in Heathrow airport staring at them after being on a 13 hour flight with no toothbrush and stinking so bad and everyone in the store was like please don’t touch that. Not a proud moment if I do say so myself, but one day I will be a proud owner of the tartan elephant.

Last but not least my favourite aspect of the whole shebang, the shoes! These Mari Giudicelli mules are what dreams are made of! If you haven’t already gathered my obsession for sleeping and comfort then this sums it up perfectly. These are stylish slippers you can wear outside, and they are a mule.. need I say more. Not to mention I adore her designs and her dedicated approach to quality design and craftsman ship in an ethical and sustainable way.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these photos.

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