No one told me it was April


I woke up this morning and it dawned on me that its April.. thats 3 whole months of 2018 gone?! How did that happen! Anyway I was reflecting on the 3 months and I thought to myself wow I really have accomplished quite a lot in the way of figuring out my future and ‘adulting’.

At the start of the year I applied for a floristry course in Glasgow, I left my job in my village and in late January my boyfriend and I went to Cambodia and Laos for a month. We had the most amazing time traveling around and got one hell of a tan! It was so much fun and so exciting because we travel so well together. He then came back to my home with me for a week while our bags were lost somewhere and then we took a leap of faith and moved to Glasgow. With no where to stay, no jobs, no plans just hoping things would fall into place, and that they did. I had an interview for my course and was offered an unconditional place only a few days after. We found a place to live and are now renting a room from the loveliest couple, and we both found jobs. What more could we have asked for.

This is so easy to look back on now and think everything fell into place straight away, but it didn’t. It was hard and it was stressful. We got to Glasgow and rented a room from a man we found online and it was quite the experience. Right in the middle of the storm we were stuck in a cold damp room, with machines you had to put £1 in for electricity.. I’m pretty sure they are antiques now. A dirty, disgusting bathroom which had a carpet with mould all over it, a horrible shower with a curtain that if it touched your skin you would probably get a disease. It was awful. Not to mention the days in the rain we spent handing out CVs and hearing nothing back, watching our savings slowly drop. All the estate agents trying to haggle you in and take all your money.

There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, and if these unfortunate events didn’t happen then we would never realise how lucky we are to be where we are now. Everything always has a silver lining and if you really want something you just have to work hard for it. Nick my boyfriend has always been so encouraging of everything I want to pursue and I really am so lucky to have him in my life, he makes everything seem possible and he is the reason why I started my blog after 7 years of wanting to do so.

Thank you to Nick for always believing in me. ♥ 





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