Tacky But Classy

So I’m back with another fashion based post. I have just invested in photoshop after using the trial version for two weeks, so I am still learning the ins and outs and I’ve really enjoyed making these fun make believe collages as well as making the ones including real life. I can’t wait to learn some more about it so I can start making some art including my own outfits!

I am pleased to report the weather is officially getting warmer which means its getting close to no tights season. Im not going to kid myself though, will still need a light jacket. Which brings me to this Sakks Pots baby. I am thinking that it wouldn’t keep you warm during winter but for the transition periods I think its ideal! I love how it gives me major clueless vibes. I also have it saved on my Shoptagr so I can snatch it up as soon as that price drops.

Now on to this dress, this is a brand which encourages wearing your sleepwear during the day.. now I’m sure I’ve mentioned how much I love my sleep so its no wonder I love this brand and this dress in particular. In one of my recent fashion posts I mentioned I was looking for a silk skirt and I found the one of my dreams on Etsy! Hurrah! Just waiting for it to arrive but I cant wait to style it up.

Has anything every made you crave watermelon as much as this clutch bag?! Its so unbelievably tacky that its amazing. I love bags like this but I much prefer to find novelty bags in the kids section of charity shops (trust me). I just thought this was such a fun way to stir up the outfit with its over the top glitter and well it is over the top its shaped like a slice of watermelon.

These Brother Vellies cinderella shoes are so extra and I love it. But lets be real I could never walk in them. I absolutely adore Brother Vellies it is such a transparent brand in what they stand for and that makes them even more appealing to me. I have followed the brand for maybe 2 years now and I am dying for a pair of the Lamu slides, but will the Scottish summer permit it? I do hope so!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these photos.

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