Manic for the Botanics

With the weather getting better and all it would be wrong to not go out and explore the botanical gardens of Glasgow. I love botanical gardens and how much they differ in each city.  We walked around and on a Wednesday afternoon and it was such a refreshing site to see people painting and sketching in the gardens and to see everyone laid out on the grass with little picnics.

I was even lucky enough to see the cutest little curious squirrel! He came right up to us and I wish I’d had some nuts to feed him but I didn’t. He was quite the chubby little thing so I suspect someone else had been feeding him all the nuts!

It felt just like summer. But now we are back to the usual rain and expected thunderstorms this week.. yay. But you know what they say April showers bring May flowers (and hopefully a long summer too).


I can’t say I’m too upset anyway as my boyfriend and I are looking into some cheap deals on sky scanner as we speak to get a little escape from the weather. I recently picked up some amazing summer pieces from the charity shops around where we live and I’m so excited to get a chance to wear them. One of my most beloved finds is a vintage MAX MARA brown puffer jacket I have been wearing non stop, its a very strange piece because its light enough to wear on a warm day with a vest top, some vintage levis and a pair of mules but could be worn with layers and a scarf for the winter. I am in love with it and it was such a bargain. I wore my brown suede mules from Senso with it here but they didn’t quite make the cut for the photo.. clearly!

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