Fashion Revolution Week

It has been a goal of mine for about a year and a half now to cut down on my fast fashion intake, and I think I’ve done pretty damn good. I used to be so bad for it as I worked in H&M when I was a teenager but as I grew older it came to my attention how bad they were, and I’ve always considered myself a bit of an eco freak. I am religious about recycling and I am always finding ways to cut down on my plastic usage. I always have a spare tote in my handbag and I will NEVER buy a plastic bag even if it means carrying my groceries bundled in my arms.

I never knew how bad the fashion industry was for the environment and I love fashion so it broke my heart when I became more informed. So I decided to cut down on buying fast fashion, and it has given me so much. I now love and enjoy finding new slow fashion brands which albeit more expensive, make me feel a million times better than a top that everyone will have from TopShop ever will. Also I love feeling like I’m doing my bit and if I’m going to invest my money in a company and its clothes I really love to see where it goes for example a slow fashion brand is more likely to be paying its workers living wage and also carrying out its production in a safe environment. I always check the about page on whenever I find a new brand, and if they are being good and honest they are more likely to tell you that.

I get 95% of clothes now from charity shops, I am living in an area of Glasgow which is full of them. I love being able to go in there and if I’m looking for a black t shirt for work and it happens to be from TopShop of course I’m not going to feel bad because its preloved and maybe not even been worn but I’m still not buying first hand and that makes me feel better, at least my money is going to a good cause and of course its going to be a fraction of the original price. My boyfriend and I are in the charity shops on a regular and I really don’t buy things I don’t necessarily need although I may see things I like. I still try think logically about purchasing it as if it were full price. Do I need it? Does it go with other items I own? Will I wear it? If the answer is no to any of those questions then I wont buy it.

I have found my whole summer wardrobe in charity shops and its amazing I found the most stunning little broderie anglaise vintage top which can be worn off the shoulder and it has big puff sleeves. I also found the most amazing vintage camel colour button down safari style skirt. It gives me such a sense of accomplishment to find these unique pieces which I just now people will ask about, and together they only cost me £8! Can you believe it?

As much as I do buy from charity and vintage shops, I sometimes feel like rewarding myself, I mean think of how much money I save from doing so. I like to look at some more expensive yet still slow fashion pieces which brings me to Ciao Lucia, a brand I have just discovered. The starfish print top and the white open one with the buttons down the front are my favourite pieces from her collection. I mentioned I had recently bought a silk vintage skirt from Etsy and it would go perfectly with the starfish one. Not to mention how cute are those little squid earrings also from Etsy. I love to dress following a theme and just be that extra bit extra. Etsy is my no.1 place to shop fun little accessories and Depop is great for second hand clothing.

The line by K is one of my favourite designers she just seems to have such a fun style and designs clothes that go with your wardrobe which is what I’m all about. This puff sleeve top is such an essential piece. It is so fun and feminine and love the sleeves and the back has such lovely ties as well. So flattering. These cherry earrings are so cute as well by a designer called Dady Bones and she has the best instagram always finding inspo there.

I’ve noticed after wanting a straw bag from the moment I saw one last January in Sao Paulo, Brazil that they are a huge trend this year. I love straw bags and my boyfriend and I were in Cambodia at the start of the year and I got the cutest sweetest little straw bag and we got through thick and thin together until we were on the plane and boyfriend snapped the lid off it by accident. I was devastated, I am devastated still to this day. My mum is convinced she can fix it though so all I can do is  hope.

Now onto the show stealer, these Charlotte Olympia shoes. Are they tacky or are the beautiful… I say beautiful. I am all about statement shoes. They are also on sale.. do I buy them.. do I not? I think I will wait and see how much my tips are at the end of the week and then decide.  I saw the flat version last year and was so heart broken when they were all out of my size. Wouldn’t they just be the perfect finishing touch to the simplest of outfits or just make a fancy outfit even more fancy!

Anyway if anyone made it through this whole post I’d love some feedback! Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these photos.

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