April showers bring May flowers

It stopped raining and the flowers started blooming! Thank god for that and with the positive change in the weather came a positive change of mood. The sunny blue skies got me in the mood for walks and coffees in the sun.

My boyfriend and I both live together in the South of Glasgow and have been exploring our new surroundings, we both love coffee so finding our new local is very important. We have stumbled upon a few great places so far in the Govan Hill area, sadly though they don’t come with a tiny teddy in the cup.

I have been loving all the flower arrangements in coffee shops lately so have been taking photos of them in hope I can incorporate it into my blog. I also was looking through our film photos from South America last year and found this one we took in Mendoza, Argentina. I absolutely love the way all our film turned out from that trip and Ive bought myself a little point and shoot camera from a charity shop that I’m so excited to experiment with.

Just last month when we were in Edinburgh I used it to take some photos of the castle but when I got them developed they weren’t amazing but the lady in the shop opened the back and I think thats maybe damaged the film that was in there. I also have a bunch of random baby photos that someone took when the camera was theirs. Kind of creepy right?

Anyway we are off to Berlin on the 15th for a week so really excited to see what content I can get from there and hopefully I can make some more style based posts. SO excited for all the charity and vintage shops, and of course the techno.

Anyway until next time and thank you for reading!

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