I went to Berlin and I couldn’t have been a worse tourist.  I drank over 100 dirty export beers in a week, danced from 10pm to 10am and searched all the second hand shops from top to bottom. At least I saw the wall if nothing else!

Berlin really is such an amazing city and I loved the nightlife and also how cheap the food was. I had a completely crazy and bizarre week exploring and partying with my boyfriend which was just what we needed for the perfect start to summer. We returned to Glasgow and have completely lucked out with the timing as we got back from hot sunny Berlin to a beautiful sunny Glasgow.

I had planned to do so much in Berlin, wear some funky outfits and capture them on camera, wear cute little kitten heels and flowy skirts. But sometimes plans fall through and that one most certainly did. I wore my favourite little vintage safari style shorts on the first day with a little boxy cropped vintage tee and some super cute nude strappy sandals (also vintage). We walked for 8 hours that day exploring and I was lucky enough to find a second hand pair of Superga trainers in my size in one of the many thrift shops for €7 because 5 hours in my feet were torn apart, blisters everywhere.

The next challenge was finding a pair of socks, now this was hard. No where sold just plain white ankle socks. NO WHERE!! My feet were aching and falling apart and I crawled into one shoe shop hoping she would have socks, and the lady working told me she didn’t have any but what she did have were those little stockings that you get for free when you try on shoes and she just looked at my feet, gasped and handed me a handful of these socks! She saved my feet and my trip with her kindness.

I remember sitting on a wall taking off my heels and slipping these socks on and it was possibly the best feeling ever. I then put on my Supergas and felt like the world was my oyster I could run up stairs, walk over cobblestones, do whatever I pleased! The moral of this story is to always take a pair of trainers on holiday. Although I had planned to get my paws on a pair of Vejas, but every store that stocked them was sold out of my size and the style I was after.

Anyway since having a lovely break in Berlin I am super excited to be back in Glasgow getting stuck into creating for my blog, getting back into work and practicing some well needed self love. I would say I eat pretty healthily 70% of the time but Im trying to change that and fuel my body with the good stuff 99% of the time. Which means I am going on a plant based diet for the time being and so far absolutely loving it and feeling the benefits already after a few days. I love baking and cooking and have really gotten back into it, making healthy snacks  is the way to go as we all need something a little naughty from time to time. The only thing I’m not being too strict on is eating eggs as I get them from a responsible source anyway and love an egg on toast with a bit of kale and asparagus in the morning!

Thats all from me for now, until next time!

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