Stay classy Santiago


As I have said in my previous post we are having the best weather here in Glasgow. The last few days have been warm and muggy, we are expecting a huge storm which will be somewhat of a relief and it will hopefully clear away the muggyness. This humid warm weather got me thinking of when my boyfriend and I went to South America and we were in Chile and it was exactly like this but 10x hotter. We got such amazing photos on that trip with an old film camera and thats what the photos I have used in this post are from. We were there last year in January and February.

I was thinking of how much I love Faithful the Brand they do such amazing holiday pieces and I am lucky enough to already own quite a few pieces of theirs. These linen pants and this super cute crop are right up my alley and I’m totally feeling the cute vintagey vibes from the floralness and how unfitted the trousers are with the drawstring waist. I can imagine wondering around any warm European city in this outfit and it working perfectly. I am definitely going to splurge on these pants if I don’t find a dupe in a second hand shop soon. They look so comfortable.

Next we have these adorable sandals the leather looks so soft and I love the little daisies on the them. Also would work well with the floral pattern on the top. Now its not everyday you can wear a big floppy sunhat and get away with it, but when you can make the most of it. I love sun hats and I recently picked up the best straw visor style sunhat and it has a retro scarf that tightens it at the back but its so funky and oversized I cant wait to wear it soon on holiday (hopefully).

Last but not least this Staud bag. I LOVE these bags and have for a long time. I particularly like this white one with the brown string and tan handle I think its super chic, but really how practical is white? Then again I am not that clumsy when it comes to spilling stuff.. I just fall over my feet a lot!

Anyway now I’m off to go and work a 10 hour shift in a very hot bar. Until next time!

Disclaimer; Llama not for sale and I do not own these images.



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