Bike chic


Its summer (although the weather outside suggests otherwise) and all I want to do is go somewhere warm with mosaic tile floors and ride a bicycle in the most extra way possible! I present to you, bike chic!

I have had my eyes on this bike short trend and I found the perfect ones from Girlfriend Collective but sadly and typically they are out of stock in my size! I am still searching on the likes of etsy and depop though! I really love the bicycle short trend. Not those fishnet thot ones though! I want something practical not see through and comfortable.

I paired these shorts with a bright red top from Ciao Lucia which is a brand I am dying to get something from asap but those custom and taxes charges are holding me back.  The pieces from them look so amazing and timeless.

These Charlotte Olympia shoes have also featured on my blog before and knowing how good they would look with bike shorts is pushing me to just buying them! They are on sale after all..

I think if you’ve ready my blog you know I’m obsessed with anything straw/ raffia so this Brother Vellies basket was a must in this look. With the bike as well! How chic!

Last but not least I am dying to get back into wearing hair bands.. am I the only one that wants to feel that headache and behind the ear pain which only comes from a far too tight hair band. The relief when taking one of those off at the end of a school day was such a reward. Anyway I am loving this multi jewel one from etsy. I have my eye on a fluffy one on depop and its so cute.

Anyway I hope to get back into the swing of things more soon and post on here more regularly! Anyway thanks for reading and I’ll see you soon!



Disclaimer: I do not own these images.

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