Feeling blue!

Today Im feeling blue! but not in a bad way! I am just loving the colour blue and felt inspired late last night to get back into the flow of things! So I bring to you a blue outfit complete with blue bells, I have such a love for blue bells we had them in our garden when I was young and me and my sister used to play with our polly Bratz dolls and pretend they were fairies in the blue bells.. anyway back to the point!

I LOVE this top from Orseund Iris it is such a statement piece that I feel like it works best paired with similar tones and simpler items. I love when basics can be statements as well. I think the under wire on the outside is so bold and also the thick ribbed fabric makes it super sturdy and then the long sleeves with the splits is such a nice touch!

Moving on to bottoms these ones are from Max Mara and I wouldn’t spend that much money ever on white trousers. I already have such an amazing pair of white/ cream high waisted trousers which I picked up from a charity shop for a couple of pounds and they are so amazing and such good quality. I have gotten so much wear out of them! Definitely a staple piece in my wardrobe, and I get so many compliments on them as well which is always a bonus.

Now onto this little Shrimps bag! It’s true it does look like a little granny bag but I love it. I love granny clothes and accessories. I love how its two different shades of blue and two different textures. Textures make an outfit in my opinion the more you mix the better! I think it adds a great element to the simplicity of the outfit.

These RAFA shoes are so simple and amazing. I love all the shoes from RAFA and hope to buy a pair soon. They are made from vegan textiles, completely ethical and you can tell when you look at them. Made to perfection. They have a few different classic styles in lots of colours.

This brand was founded by the first blogger I ever followed, I used to be obsessed with American Apparel and coming from a small village in Scotland where was I going to find an American Apparel.. not close. So every time I got paid from work I would beg mum to put my money in her account and she would order me something online from them. Anyway the blogger I followed was a photographer for AA and now she has a shoe brand and I follow her on instagram and I think its been 8 years since I found her blog and it still inspires me! Check out her blog here.

Anyway the sun has finally come out for a little bit so I’m off for a walk and a day dream.

Disclaimer: I do not own these images.

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