The future

Would you ever believe that those pink skies were photographed from my little home village in Scotland! I wouldn’t if I didn’t take the photo it looks like a famous Perth sunset. I remember taking my dogs for a walk along the beach with my friend and this was the sky so beautiful!

Anyway I was thinking about how I’ve lived in Glasgow now since March and I’ve not been home since. I want to go home and see my family but at the same time I’ve found a home here in Glasgow even though it is just one small room which my boyfriend and I rent from an older couple its our little home.

We have been lodging since we moved and the couple we live with are so lovely and we often sit around and chat about our days over dinner. I can’t believe that they offered us such a warm and big welcome into their home even when we were strangers to them. I feel grateful everyday when I wake up in a warm cosy bed with my boyfriend beside me!

It got me thinking about how much we have accomplished since we moved and how much of a community we have built around our little home. My boyfriend has completed and passed a music production course that was 8 weeks long and he has come so far in his music production and I am so proud of him. We both found jobs within a week of moving. He left his job for another one and I have just found another job which is actually jump starting my career.

I think I have mentioned before that as of September I will be studying floristry and just last week I got a job in a florist! and not just any florist a very fancy one who does such amazing work and is very talented. I am so happy with this new job as I get to be creative and I’m learning something that actually interests me. Im not interested in working in bars where the management is rude and I get treated with no respect, its not good for the mind, I am all about being positive and spreading positive energy so when I walk into my work place and I feel like a cloud of negativity is about to pour down over my head I instantly feel worthless. Nobody wants to feel that way. So right now I’m spending a lot of time looking for another part time job, even in a cafe would be so much better.

I am so happy that I got this floristry job and I have a massive feeling of relief now because I know this is what I want to do.

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