I have been SOOO busy recently! Going from getting no shifts at my other job I now have two new jobs which both have very promising prospects and also an offer for another place! Isn’t that crazy! Definitely feeling very positive and that has gone to show how much removing a very toxic place from my life has impacted that.

Anyway today we ventured out to Loch Lomond and got extremely sunburnt. It was amazing, so beautiful and serene. We just found a nice little private inlet and set up for the day. We went swimming in the loch and it was so refreshing as it was 26 degrees today! Can’t believe it and its supposed to stay this way until August.. I’m not complaining though. If I can get a tan over summer in Scotland I will be very happy.

While we were at the Loch listening to the water and just watching all the boats and things go by it was the perfect time to just think, relax and dream. I am such a big dreamer I’m always living a dream in my head. Its funny because really any dream I dream in my head I always seem to find a way to put it into action. When I have time to relax and reflect I always think of how grateful I am to be able to do all the things I have and make my dreams realities.

Its so easy to forget what you have and I do a lot but when you are in such a beautiful place you can’t help but think how lucky you are to live on this earth and have the freedom to go out and explore mother nature at her finest.

Anyway I have a busy next few days so thats me for now!

p.s how amazing is that red swimsuit I found in a charity shop for only £2!!

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