Phoebe Buffay

This post is dedicated to Phoebe Buffay the real style icon of friends. Recently Monica and Rachels style has been recalled on the internet but not so much Phoebes. I have rewatched friends countless times and it never gets boring or repetitive. The one thing I love most is looking at all their outfits and then trolling the internet to find similar vintage pieces.

Phoebes style was always so eccentric and quirky and I loved how she wore the most bizarre things and made it work so well. I would consider myself more of a phoebe when it comes to styling my own outfits. Less is never more (only with make up). I love maximising the amount of funky clothes I can wear at once and pull it off. Phoebe is the real OG man repeller.

Its not just her clothes I love, I love her accessories and thats one thing I’ve been buying recently is funky new hair grips and kirbys with some what tacky jewels on them but also super extra. I love flinging my hair in a messy bun then jazzing it up with some clips. I also love all of her jewellery and I am working on pulling off the multiple ring look but for now earrings, hair grips and my mums vintage gold necklace are doing the trick for me.

Anyway I’m going to get back to my friends marathon and find some new inspiration.

Disclaimer: I do not own these images.

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