Comfy vibes

Lately all I want to do is wear comfy leggings, bike shorts and fleeces. The weather here in Scotland has been very strange, warm but dull? Hot and raining? How do you even dress for that! but I’m not complaining but my autumn senses are tingling.

Three brands I am loving right now which are supplying all the comfy vibes are The line by K, Sandy Liang and Gil Rodriguez. Another reason these are some of my favourite brands is that they make the most simple basics look so sexy on the body and enhance all the curves as well as cinch in the waist in such a flattering way.

I also just added in the little hanging face pot from Rami Kim which I have loved for ages and can’t wait to buy when I have my own place to decorate! Anyway this was just a quick throw together of all my favourite things and I’ve had such a busy week I needed to have a break and do something creative.

Disclaimer: I do not own these pictures.

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