Pike isn’t a name, it’s a fish

Lets talk Buffy but 1992 Buffy, this movie is my new inspiration in fashion and sass. In fact I even used a photo of Buffy to show my hairdresser, I love her cute curls and pony tails and all of her outfits I have been trolling Depop for mid length denim shorts and snazzy colourful knits. I have been working so hard and SO much recently I’ve not had anytime to be or even feel inspired so when I watched this movie I felt all my creative juices flowing again.

I am so excited to be getting into the Autumn and cosy jumper weather. I love the look of big cosy knitted jumpers with extra big balloon sleeves paired with something super casual like those Gil Rodriguez leggings I showed in my last post! Buffy also knows how to pull of a super cute srcunchie, I have been loving scrunchies for so long I have an ever growing collection and the other day at work I parted with my favourite one because a lady asked for a hair tie and I knew I had one and if I said no I would have felt guilty. Oh well hopefully some good karma is in the mix for me hehe!

Buffy also knows how to pull off sneakers and socks, which is a look I am also loving. I love those Fila disruptor shoes and because I’m such a short fry I think they’d work well in my favour. Also crocs are closing down lots of their factories and I just bought a pair before this news came about.. will they be a collectors item soon? They are so ugly but ohhh soooooo comfortable and they are lined with fleece need I say more!!

Anyway thats all from me for now!

Disclaimer; I do not own any of these images.

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