Mood for Autumn/ Winter


Autumn is creeping through the sky right now in Scotland, you can definitely feel the change in weather its cold and crispy in the morning and people are wearing puffers. Im not sad at all about the weather change, Autumn is possibly one of the best seasons, one because its leading us up to all the festivities around halloween and Christmas and two the clothing!

I put together a little mood board of my vibes for Autumn and winter and I think it doesn’t stray too far from my summer mood board.. which is a very good thing as I’m really focusing on what my personal style is while making these mood boards, I love the 90s and early 2000s style.

I recently bought a pair of Fila trainers because my beloved Supergas that you may remember I got in Berlin for $6 at a charity shop have truly fallen apart. The reason I went for the Filas vs any other trainer that I saw other than the Vejas (because they are always out of stock!!) was because of their strong 90s kid look. I love the chunky grandadness of them and they also make me taller (YAY) but I just think I am going to have so much fun styling them this season.

I am obsessed with small round oval sunglasses and I have been pondering over these vintage Armani ones, should I just buy them and take the plunge.. its is payday after all… what do you think? I am really into nailing my basics at the moment and I want to troll the charity shops on my day off for the perfect fleece and straight leg jeans, that way I can play around with accessories and I would also love to invest in a new bag as I am always using a tote bag, which is so handy but maybe not the most stylish. This is where my new obsession comes in the Kara bag! I think this colour way is pretty amazing, also strangely I could see it going perfectly with so many things.

My boyfriend and I are also planning a trip to Poland for a couple of weeks, and I want to invest in a film camera we had a good one back in Australia that we used for our road trips and on our travels since then. Can anyone recommend a good easy 35mm film camera? (i’m not a pro).

Im hoping to post more and more on here soon! I hope you enjoyed this post, I’d love to hear any feedback.


Disclaimer; I do not own any of these images.

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