Lately I have been run down with a horrible cold but today my boyfriend and I decided to not let it get the better of us, and got on our bikes and went to Tramway which is an art exhibition centre in the south side of Glasgow. Neither of us had been before and it was a very pleasant discovery.


The exhibition we saw was by an artist named Samara Scott, in her exhibition she used waste materials found from wreckages and mixed them with liquids and substances that will change their appearance over time. I personally enjoy art like this as it represents the way we treat our environment and surroundings and how we just walk on by ignoring the harming affects. Obviously I don’t mean everyone as I know there are people out there doing good, and I like to consider myself one of those people I just mean in general.


One of my favourite things to do is to go out and find and support small local communities or businesses. Living in Glasgow has definitely brought me closer to small independent brands and shown me what a difference it makes when you support local businesses instead of feeding money into a multi national companies.

If anyone who reads this happens to be from Glasgow or visiting Glasgow you can find out about all the events on the Tramway website here.

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