Pink to make the boys wink

Do you sometimes just feel the overwhelming drag of social media? Recently its been making me SO fed up. Seeing every blogger with the same realisation par dress, or preaching about sustainability when they are making sponsored posts for Mango.. I only have instagram as a platform I don’t have facebook or anything else, I can’t even imagine how stimulating it would be to have facebook as well. I like instagram because It some how tailors everything I like and puts it all to one place. I like it for inspiration although I do believe that it makes us believe we constantly need to be buying new things. We just don’t need all of that stuff.

The most recent purchase I made which was the first thing I have bought in a LONG time was a pair of weekday jeans which are part of their sustainable range, I really love the jeans they are so different to all my other jeans (3 pairs all vintage Levis) but thats why I got them because now I have 4 different variations and styles of jeans and thats plenty. I hate seeing bloggers having SO much clothes they only wear a handful of times. Theres no need to have cupboards full of denim. I do think it must be hard for them as they are constantly getting sent things and thats their job but even just selling or donating the stuff they don’t wear.

Anyway I notice that theres a recurring colour palette in my posts and in my life. I long for pink hues and sage greens, in satin, chiffon, silk textures and mustard toned suedes. I can see my house being this colour palette as well, theres something so soothing and calming about it that I just love. I included this fornasetti candle in this post as I have this exact candle it was a gift and it just sums me up completely, the colours and the scent are me in a nutshell.

A new website I have come across is called Nonna which houses a number of independent designers which I also love (I also used the background image from their website). I wish I could live in LA for a while it would be an absolute dream come true. I think LA seems like its full of creativity and a sense of passion, I love how every photo I see of LA always has the pink sunsets, pink sunsets are my favourite of all sunsets.

I included this dress by Elliette which is such a perfect shade of green and I love the girliness of it and how its not too over the top but still such a statement. I have also mentioned Ciao Lucia on my blog before and I am still longing for a piece from them, this pink shell top is so beautiful and I would love it come back in stock asap! And of course a blog post wouldn’t be complete without mentioning RAFA a brand I love so much and can’t wait to buy a pair of shoes from.

Right now I have to save my £££ as my boyfriend and I are moving back to Australia and we are going to have to fork out some hefty cash for the visa! Anyway its all exciting and I can’t wait to get back there!

Disclaimer; I do not own any of these images.

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