Y2K sass or trash?

Personally I love some of the iconic styles from the 2000s, there are some shockingly horrifying trends I hope never come back (low rise jeans) but I do love an element of the y2k style.

Its a trend that is coming back for sure, but skinny round oval sunglasses are so funky and I really want to get my hands on a pair.. asap I saw vintage Armani ones, but I have a small pea head and ordering online is dangerous.

SJP looks insane in these pics don’t you think! I love her style as Carrie and herself. I am really into the braless look with white ts and vests, I think its so chic. Its also makes you feel so much more confident I think, its like it gives you a whole new level of power. I am into it as I said but a lot of people think its trashy. I don’t.

If you can’t bare the braless look then I think equally as chic is a black bra with a white fitting t shirt. Love that look as well! Big hoops and mini handbags are also a great love of mine. I love a mini handbag!

I’m not usually into modern day celebs and I wouldn’t say I’m that crazy for Bella Hadid but I do think she has great style. Whenever I see a pic of her I think she nails the y2k look.

Anyway thats all from me! Do you love or hate the 2000s era of style? let me know!

Disclaimer; I do not own any of these photos

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