My Inspiration

This post is all about the first ever blogger I started following. She inspired me in so many ways, I must have only been 14 when I found her blog through American Apparel.

In my house we all used to share a computer and I am from a big family so when I got my turn the first thing I would do would be to check up on her blog to see what new posts she had and they always left me feeling so inspired. I loved seeing the way she documented her life through fashion and photography.

She always had the best collection of vintage pieces and that always made me dream of going to the USA just to find the best vintage treasures. I had to settle for the charity shops in the nearest town.. maybe not so inspiring. But she definitely sparked my love for vintage and now I have quite the extensive collection myself.. woops.


Her easy laid back style of blog always made me want to start doing it myself but I just never had the confidence, its always been my dream and my biggest fear. Recently I decided that I have nothing to lose so I just went for it. It has been such a good way for me to unwind after work and to let all of my creativity and thoughts out into my little corner of the internet.

Now the blogging world is so saturated and its so easy to get caught up in the amount of social media and new brands popping up everywhere that I feel like so many bloggers don’t have a personal sense of style and it is just trend and brand based.

Whenever I am feeling down or uninspired I always branch back to her blog where I feel a true sense of personality in every post. I still follow her on instagram and love to see all her updates on her life and as a business woman running an ethical sustainable brand.

All these photos are from her blog and I do not own any of them.

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