Yesterday was like taking a step back into the heat of summer, it was 21 degrees in the middle of October, but this was a complete anomaly as today it is back to grey skies and pouring rain. Not the kind of weather you want to go out exploring in. I have been wanting to go to the GoMA for so long now and finally it was the right time, so I dragged Nick out of bed and we went out for breakfast then to the city.


Because the weather was allowing me to wear something other than a turtleneck, a puffer jacket and scarf I opted for this dress which is one of my best ever vintage finds. I scored this sheer number in a vintage store in Cambodia. I have worn it a few different ways and one of my favourite ways is to wear it with black high waisted panties underneath and a black bra, but thats more of a night time/ dinner look. So instead I opted for my black high waisted bike shorts which I found on Depop at the start of the summer, I have worn these to death I absolutely love them. I am also wearing some new earrings from Cleo Mama on Etsy, I want to buy all of her marble lucite hoops, it is by far my favourite type of earring.


Obviously I am in Scotland so I didn’t want to risk not taking a jacket so I took my incredible leather trench which I bought in a charity shop in Edinburgh for £4.99! It is a true vintage magical leather number and it fits me perfectly. I also wore my favourite boots which I bought in Australia two winters ago from a brand called Django and Juliet. These also came in an amazing tan colour and I wish I’d bought them as well. I am sad to say these boots are on their last heel now as I have worn them through and through.

I really loved this exhibition (featured image) they had on at the GoMA it was in a dark lit room and it is just hundreds of slides of paintings, it made for a very aesthetically pleasing photo that reminds me of the colours of a European summer. I really enjoy going around museums and I always feel so inspired when I leave. Art is different to everyone its like that saying ‘One mans trash another mans treasure’ someone could look at a piece of modern art and literally think it is just trash and someone could think the world of it.

Anyway thats all from me!

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