Australia Bound

The winter is creeping into the air around here, and the time has come.. its time to move back to Australia!¡!

I am excited and nervous all in one as this time I don’t think I will have a set coming back date. I just thought I would update some things over here before I go. I am so excited to really get into my blogging and start shooting some film, Australia looks best on film. Its one of those places where the grainy film really captures all the lands elements, the rusty red dirt and the blindingly bright blue skies.

This is one of my fav sunset photos from Aus, I love how the colours are just so drastic. Its funny really every night my boyfriend and I would go and watch the sunset and it was always the perfect way to unwind after a long day, and everything always seemed so much better when you just sat and listened to the waves and watched the colours disperse in the sky. I can’t wait to watch the sun set again.

With the visa I am going over on I can’t work for the first 3 months, which will actually be a nice change after working so much back in Glasgow, I am now at my family home with my boyfriend and we head back to Aus on Monday the 12th. I don’t know if I have mentioned before that he is Australian. We lived together there for 2 years and then when my visa expired he came over to the UK, but we met in the middle and traveled Asia for a month before coming back.

The only bad thing about Aus is they don’t have Glossier.. I just made a little order today so I will be stocked up on some goodies for the meantime.. hehe. This photo also made me think of the Generation G in zip.. I maybe just purchased that too! Woops!

Anyway thats all from me, I’ll be back soon!

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