Current palette

I’ve been feeling a bit uninspired lately but then, Gil Rodriguez launched new bodysuits and I was in heaven, I already swear by the leggings but as I will be packing and moving away these are the bare essentials ( maybe a bit drastic?) but I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my new t shirt and the safari cap sleeved bodysuit pictured above.

The brand has such an amazing aesthetic and image of real women and real shapes and sizes, the fabrics are soft, luxurious and forgiving. I was also surprised to see Rachel Nguyen in the campaign she is such a huge inspiration for me so this is like a dream campaign.

The photographer of the campaign as well has inspired me to start shooting film again and really test out all the features of old cameras. I am also experimenting with layering in photoshop and so far loving the results! I also love incorporating flowers into my pictures, as I’ve been working at a florist its a great opportunity to take photos of beautiful flowers, like the yellow orchid above (someone tell me the name specific to that type please!!).

I must be feeling creative today as I’ve made two posts in one day!

Thats all from me!

Disclaimer: Photos from Glossier website and Gil Rodriguez

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