Secret Indeed

So I am back in Australia and just before I left I found this amazing bag page on instagram! How cute are these bags!! So tempted to order one now I’m all settled in here. I have a few things to catch up on before I get into that though.

I haven’t posted for a week or so now because the day before I left one of my beautiful little dogs decided to drop a glass on my laptop and destroy the screen. I had that laptop for over 6 years and have treated it like my baby.. how did this happen! But its okay she’s just a dog how did she know. Anyway it was a pretty traumatic day. That laptop has been all over the world with me! Fiji, Australia, South America, Asia, Europe!!! oh well.. So my boyfriend kindly made me a profile on his and managed to back up my laptop and transfer it all! So I’ve only just downloaded photoshop again and got so much done today! very happy. Anyway back to the bags!

These bags are from a brand called Secret Service, and that they are a secret with only a hundred or so followers! I feel like I’ve come across a hidden gem! They come in a range of fantastic fruity colours.. I have my eye on the cherry one! They are super cute and come with a little fruit charm which is such a nice little detail. Also they sit at a really pleasant price point.

Anyway thats all from me, I’m always looking ways to improve my blog and would love to hear feedback if anyone is willing!

Disclaimer; I do not own these photos.

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