Its coming into summer now here in Aus, and I have one swimsuit that is a really amazing red one piece that I scored in a charity shop back in Glasgow. I think its fair to say you can own a one piece and a bikini and not feel too guilty. I mean you do get your wear out of them! Anyway just before I left Scotland one of my all time fav aussie brands brought out a new collection and within the collection lies these amazing bathers pictured above!

I just love the colour, the fabric and everything about them! So today I decided to just go for it, I must say I’m a bit nervous about the size but it says the model is wearing an 8 so I got a 10, I always find Zulu and Zephyr runs small in bathers, but I think the fabric looks quite forgiving so I just went for it. I can always get a bigger size if need be!

Also the whole campaign was shot by Henrik Purienne who is an amazing film photographer I love stalking all of his work! My boyfriends dad is letting me play about with his old film camera which we used in South America, but the other day I watched lots of tutorials and I am really excited to mess around with all the exposures!

The only purchase I made on black Friday were the Ursula shell clips from Valet Studios, pictured above! They are so cool and I am wanting to get my hair dyed blonder and I think with my curly beach waves those clips would look so chic!

I really hope the bathers fit.. please pray for me! Or I will have a mental break down.. post in Australia is too slow to mess around with returns!

Thats all from me!

Disclaimer; I do not own these images.

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