The dream

So I guess I don’t usually share much about who I actually am and what I do but I took this picture today and I thought it was really funky, so I decided to write a post.

My dream since I was young, although I used to be shy about it was to become a florist. I don’t know why I wanted to do it I just have always loved fresh flowers and how different they all are and how creative you can be in the industry.

I have so many different favourite flowers, but one I am loving right now is snap dragons, especially the pink ones! Also since coming back to Australia I have really been appreciating all the native flowers here, the kangaroo paw, proteas and banksia are just a few of my favs.

Back in Glasgow I had been working as a florist assistant for 8 months, and I’d never been happier working a job when you just realise its what you want to do and not just a crappy job to make rent with. Its not boring and you never wish the day was over even though time goes so fast! I absolutely loved my time there.

Now I am back in Aus the dream is to find a florist who will hire me, its just so disheartening when it looks like everyone wants someone with a qualification. I just think thats so crazy, who says a course at Tafe is going to make you a better florist?! It’s not about that, it’s about creativity and going with the flow, you can’t learn what looks good it’s all down to personality and style.

Anyway I’m so happy with the knowledge I’ve gained in the last 8 months and I’m positive that will get me where I am supposed to be!

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