Thoughts on Blogging

So since the new year it has been a very crazy past month and a half, with applying for our visa and getting all the paper work rounded up, thank god thats done! Then we got a puppy! I can’t believe it, it was unexpected but it just happened!

Anyway I just had some thoughts over this busy time and I was just thinking about what blogging is and all these successful bloggers/ influencers and vloggers or whatever they are called and I had a mini revolution. Ever since I was young (I think I was 13/14) and I found the first ever blog I loved it was such an innocent blog, it was so simple and not posy, there wasn’t a professional photographer behind the camera and there wasn’t all this pressure to be perfect or different, it was completely solely based on personal style, I remember that type of blogging was what I fell in love with.

As much as I like to read blogs still, I just quiver at the thought of bloggers constantly buying and getting sent things at such a constant rate. How many clothes does one person need!! Its just crazy how an industry I used to be so in love with has changed and now I walk down a high street and I honestly just don’t feel any desire or need to go into a mainstream shop and rake for things and spend money on things which I know in a month or so will be on sale.

I couldn’t be happier with my wardrobe right now, because its all unique, its 90% vintage and 10% second hand. Its so much more rewarding digging through op shops or vintage shops to find the perfect piece than it is digging through Zara. I absolutely love browsing depop, the real real and ebay for vintage gems.

The blogging business has blown up at a very sickening rate and the amount of new brands coming out and new brands ripping off other brands is just a shame, and with blogging being so trend and aesthetic based I feel like no one is genuine anymore except a handful of people I follow, but my most hated thing of all is when you see bloggers advertising or wearing something which is just not their style and it looks so wrong. I understand its their job but I still think its wrong.

Anyway I just think I’ve come to the conclusion that I love my little corner of the internet for what it is, its me, its everything I love and its not like anyone else’s.

Photo from Into the gloss.

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