Current Obsessions

Two of my favourite brands have just released new collections Ciao Lucia has released their spring 19 line and Dady Bones has also released her new collection Bodega.

I love the classic Allegra top from Ciao Lucia I have been tossing between the pink and the aqua one for quite some time but now this one has come along and stolen my heart, so lets just hope it stays in stock long enough for me to get my paws on it!

Im also obsessing over the new Dady Bones collection and think these earrings are so fun! I love things that are a bit weird and crazy so they are definitely going into my autumn/ winter wish list!

Its funny how everywhere else is transitioning into spring and summer where as in Australia we are certainly heading into Autumn, although it is still 35 degrees today, but there has been a chill in the air for a week or so. I am so excited to be able to wear more clothes!!!

Anyway thats all from me!

I do not own these photos (except from the sun set back ground, that was last night how amazing!).

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