In the moment

A few instagrams I have been seeking inspiration from recently! I love finding new accounts on instagram and I think recently I realised I only follow about 20 people I actually know! Oops!

Thats what I love about instagram, its not weird to follow a stranger, where as its pretty weird to add a stranger on facebook! 

One instagram account I follow for the best vintage finds as well as their amazing aesthetic is @iamthat_shop, they really do source the best pieces and sell them for such a fair price as well! 

Another great vintage store / instagram which is based in Melbourne (that I will be sure to visit when I am there in 3 weeks!) is @coco_store_melbourne they literally stock my dream wardrobe!! Such amazing finds! They also run a blog which I am obsessed with! They interview friends of coco and I love that segment (and I am jealous of all the wardrobes!) Here are my fav pics from the segment.

What I love most about these kinds of shots are that you can really see how fearless someones wardrobe is which gives me total inspiration to not give a sh*t about what other people think! Kudos to all these girls! (and boys)
Another one from the COCO blog! How amazing are these dresses! Love the colours, patterns and girly silhouettes! Both images from;

I love the amazing range of vintage clothing available, there really is no excuse to shop fast fashion!

I feel like with vintage clothing you are just building on your personality by buying pieces that make you stand out instead of buying that top from zara that you will most likely see someone else in!

An instagram account I also always look to for inspiration is @lerapen she doesn’t only have one of the best IGs she also has a crazy good depop!

It makes me so happy that I have a skirt almost identical to this and I would have never thought of wearing it like this! Image from @lerapen instagram
Don’t we all wish we had a pair of rubber cow boy boots? I know I do!
image from @lerapen instagram

I have been on the search for the perfect pair of cow boy boots for the longest time! I just know as soon as I stop looking they will turn up!

Its either cow boy boots or the most extra pair of patterned boots, something totally extra that I can wear with my vintage faux fur jacket and look like an amped up Margot Tenenbaum!

Anyway thats all the places I am sourcing inspiration from at the moment! Its getting chilly here in WA and Im so excited for all the winter fashion, I just wish everywhere wasn’t transitioning into spring/ summer!

Disclaimer : I do not own any of these images!

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